Camping sinks

Our dear friend Adam was able to source some second hand stainless steel outdoor sinks. After being rained on in the backyard for weeks, they turned out to be perfect for our visitors to do some washing.

Old trailer table

The old trailer up at the barn must have been left there for 30+ years as trees are now grown through it holding it down in the process. Instead of removing the old trailer it was decided to use it as a utility bench/table. For […]

Pizza Oven

Since we enjoyed the dome oven in Australia that much we wished for our own one at some stage. Luckily Bou was able to source free bricks from one of her Hospital colleagues. The three of us had a yarn on location, considering predominant wind […]


Since a year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of building a playhouse for our boy and all visiting  kids. In the barn we’ve had a chunky pallet type frame with good sizes 75mm square beams. Once I saw those I wanted to […]

Poly Tunnel

We are blessed with a mild climate in the South of the UK. This enables us to make use of a greenhouse in order to grow all year round. Nicky managed to get her hands on a used poly tunnel skeleton with enormous dimensions. Although […]

Road sign

We have our sign for the road side done. Now you can’t miss us when driving past.